andrés castañeda

My pictures as documents of specific slices of time.
Busco modelos en la Ciudad de México, envía tus fotos e información aquí

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happy easter bunny by andrés castañeda  (+tumblr)

the rest of my bunny ears pics can be seen here

model: Miss vAnDaLiK

an oldie pic i really really love by andrés castañeda  (+tumblr)

this pic is so old i had completly forgot it

Terry Richardson’s style by andrés castañeda  (+tumblr)

first shots with a new muse

by andrés castañeda  (+tumblr)

model: Miss vAnDaLiK

a few hours ago

by andrés castañeda  (+tumblr)

model: Miss vAnDaLiK

zayda made her version of this pic:

The last day, not today by andrés castañeda  (+tumblr)

follow her on tumblr

wich one you like the most?

frogged by andrés castañeda  (+tumblr)

this is an old pic i had forgot, a very nice shooting wich i’m still proud of. Jacs Fishburne just made me remember i had it in this pic she posed

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